Rich Simpson

Web Solutions Coordinator

Rich has been working with online fulfillment systems since the Commodore 64 ruled the home computing landscape. Originally from the Buckeye state, Rich started his love affair with technology in 1982 with a Commodore VIC 20 and a subscription to CompuServe; quickly becoming one of their home based Beta testers. Three years later, his first technology job was as the Technical Services Coordinator for the first online retail fulfillment system, CompuStore; one of the many products he had beta tested.

Skip ahead about 30 years, and Rich is still working with online fulfillment systems and technology. At ABCO, Rich enjoys the opportunity to evaluate up and coming technologies. Another of the many reasons he enjoys working at ABCO, is the culture of adaptive solutions to their client’s needs. Other companies try to fit their clients into an out-of-box offering. ABCO’s adaptive approach allows the client direct input into the design phase and identifies pain points and challenges. The result is a custom crafted solution with the flexibility to leverage new technologies as they become available.