The ABCO MO is Better!

By:nflowers on:May 20, 2016

Come visit us at the ATD 2016 Conference at booth #508 to play our AR Game for a chance to Win!

MO - Modus Operandi in Latin or Method of Operation in English.

Whatever your learning language, when it comes to content in the constantly changing world of learning and education, the ABCO MO produces, manages and delivers learning materials with:

1.  MOre engagement for today’s rich-media-centered audiences. See how the ABCO MO can unleash the power of your traditional content with experiential delivery through gamification, mobile apps, augmented reality and MOre.

2.  MOre Return on your Investment. The ABCO MO improves the management of your learning materials. From cloud-based online ordering and reporting systems to production on a global scale, ABCO has the complete solution.




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