Document Management: Do We Need a Storefront?

By:Tracy Pell on:July 08, 2014
Content Management: Do we need a store front?

Does this sound familiar? You have a big team (a really big team) they are all in different places and it is your job to make sure that they have what they need, when they need it, so they can do their job correctly. Unfortunately you are not sure what inventory you have, you are pretty sure your shipping costs are out of control and you keep seeing pieces your sales team made for themselves. If any of this sounds familiar… a storefront could be just what you need.

What are the benefits of a storefront?


A storefront acts as a hub where all points in your content management process connect. Whether it is the single place where all files are digitally and physically stored or it is the place where all your pieces are created, a storefront eliminates the need to juggle each part of the product life cycle separately. Content management gets complicated really fast. The whole life cycle of a document from conception to delivery can involve multiple vendors with decisions points all along the way. The more complex the chain the more expensive and prone to error your process becomes. Some complexity is unavoidable. What an effective storefront does is offer the opportunity to simplify where you can and thereby save waste, duplication and time.


Do you want to offer customization down to the customer/sales person level? Do you want to completely brand your storefront and set it up based on your corporate needs? Do you want to integrate into your procurement system? Every bit of your storefront should be customizable from the content you deliver to the storefront itself.


An effective storefront solution will allow you to set rules down to the individual that control which materials can be accessed and used. You should also be able control how many pieces are actually produced, set inventory levels, set re-stock levels and more.


Want to start small and grow your storefront capabilities slowly? Not a problem. There is no need to start out huge. Do you want to maintain all your current vendors? No problem, they can all be managed through the storefront. Do you have a combination of print, digital and other types of materials you need to manage? Not a problem, an effective storefront can handle it all.

Brand Management

The larger your organization the more difficult it is to control your message and your brand. When content is centralized on a storefront you eliminate confusion for your team. They know where to go to find what they need. Whether they need access to digital assets like videos or they need to get a pack of sales brochures, if they know exactly where to go and how to get it, you are much better able to manage how the field communicates to your customer.


A complete view of your content is critical. The more you know about how and when content is being used the better decisions you can make all along the way. A centralized storefront ensures you get the information you need.

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