Employee Spotlight: Lee Reed, Prepress Manager

By:Tracy Pell on:July 23, 2014

We here at ABCO are proud of our team. Many of them have been with us for decades and they are as dedicated to your success as you are! Today, I want to introduce you to one of our brightest stars. Mr. Lee Reed. Lee started with ABCO back in January of 1995 as a copy operator. (That’s right, it’s almost his 20th anniversary!) He currently manages our prepress, wide format printing and media duplication services. He is the proud father of four beautiful children and a car enthusiast. Most exciting of all though is his latest role as the 2014 Chairman of the IPN Global technical committee.

ABCO is proud to be part of the IPN Global network of leading edge companies in the printing, visual communications and graphic arts. The premise is simple, IPN partners work together to provide all the services our global customers need to deliver their brand assets throughout the world. The technical committee’s goal is to foster the sharing of technical knowledge within IPN, and to facilitate the transaction of business across the membership. The techies from member companies attend general IPN meetings, gauge topical interests of the group members, and plan the annual technical conference. In his role as Chairman, Lee attended the most recent, IPN board meeting in Winchester, UK. During the meeting in Winchster, the group discussed planning for upcoming meetings of the group, as well as the overall business plan for the IPN over the next several years. Additionally Lee worked with Hobbs the Printers. planning the Fall 2014 IPN Technical Conference, which will take place in Southampton, UK this coming September.

I asked Lee what the highlights of his trip were. This is what he told me:

It was a highlight to be involved in planning the direction of the group, and networking even more tightly with my global friends who are part of the board. After being a part of IPN meetings since 1998, it was eye opening to see a different dimension of how the group is managed and operated by a diverse and geographically dispersed group of directors representing the membership. My favorite part of the trip was our evening excursion to Winchester Cathedral, the site where author Jane Austen is buried, and also the inspiration for the 1966 hit song "Winchester Cathedral." We climbed circular staircase's 213 steps to the roof... It was definitely a once in a lifetime experience to stand atop a cathedral whose groundbreaking took place in 1079!





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