Augmented Reality: Introducing Microsoft's HoloLens

By: Tracy Pell on: January 22, 2015
Your Brain on Pixels

Your Brain on Pixels

Not too long ago my worst nightmare happened. I left my phone at home. I had two choices. Go back and get the phone and be late or be on time and spend the day without my phone. I could have called my boyfriend when I got to the office and asked him to bring it to me, but you and I both know...

By: Tracy Pell on: November 12, 2014
Hidden Costs

Document Management: The Hidden Costs of Warehousing

It started out easy enough. Susan had a few materials for her sales team. She got them printed up and had them warehoused at her company. As the year progressed Susan added pieces, replaced pieces, distributed pieces. Then later that year Susan’s company acquired a whole...

By: Tracy Pell on: August 27, 2014




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