A Better Way to Manage Newsletter Subscriptions

In our role as partner and solution provider to the International Psoriasis Council (IPC), a global non-profit dedicated to innovation in psoriasis research, education and patient care, we were able to solve a real problem with their newsletter subscription process.

Erika Fey, Project Coordinator for the IPC tells shares their story.

We were troubleshooting how to get more people to sign up for our newsletter. We asked ABCO to print subscription cards that would be inserted into the materials we hand out at shows. Tim Savins came back to us and said, ‘Hey, that’s going to be a nightmare, because we ship these internationally, so you have to get those collected back in the United States from all these international addresses. It is going to be crazy. Why don’t you use a QR code?’  So we started using QR codes that when scanned led readers to an online form for the newsletter subscription. It’s such a relief to be able to work with a team of people that has high expectations and accountability. I know I can ask Tim or Annika about anything and they’ll respond and together we can get lots of stuff done!