International Psoriasis Council's Amsterdam Meeting

Delivering when and where needed

The International Psoriasis Council (IPC), is a global non-profit dedicated to innovation in psoriasis research, education and patient care. IPC holds meetings for its members all over the world. For their recent meeting in Amsterdam, ABCO was able to provide support even when deadlines were tight and requests were unusual, From sourcing and supplying 150 mini-flags for mini-cupcakes with their logo on them to extending deadline by leveraging IPN relationships ABCO was there to make sure they had everything they needed when and where they needed it.

Erika Fey, Project Coordinator for the IPC tells the story: 

“It was great to be able to call ABCO to help us with this and know that they would just hit the ground running and get us a solution quickly for the best price. When it became clear, the meeting materials we not going to be finalized in time to print here in the US it was really an advantage for us that they are part of the IPN. Tim Savins took care of us. He let us know that ABCO would just have the materials printed in Amsterdam to allow us the time we needed to finalize everything. This was huge for us. It gave us two additional weeks! The team at ABCO made sure the file was right and even solved some problems with our file rather than sending it back to us to resolve. Everything met deadline and worked perfectly. In a sense, its like ABCO is an extension of our team. They treated our project like it was their own project. They work very hard. We could not have gotten it done without them. It’s really nice to know that as soon as we get it to them, that they are going to take meticulous care of our project.